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Why athletes make a great fit for any company

Athletes inspire and excite the world with their outstanding performance on the field of play. And they are so much more than what we see and perceive. That is why it makes sense for your company to hire high-performers who have exceptional attitude, drive and skills. Engage with the ACP to develop them to world-class employees who contribute to your organisation's success.

Athletes demonstrate...

  • A winning attitude
  • Stamina and passion
  • Commitment to go the extra mile
  • The ability to work as a team
  • Focus and energy to achieve success
  • The ability to plan, prioritise and organise projects
  • Discipline and perseverence to achieve goals
An athlete divided into sport and work life

Retirement from sport is inevitable.

As an athlete, you need to think of a career after elite competition. Transitioning into the next phase of your career needs thought, planning and action. The better prepared you are, the smoother your transition. We support you with career counselling, job placement and much more to enhance your success beyond sports.

As an athlete you...

  • Retire at a young age (average 25 – 30) which means 40 professional years ahead.
  • Have transferrable skills and traits - but are you ready to express these in a business language?
  • Have a different background from most people - are you ready to leverage this effectively?
  • Have experiences that the business world needs - can you define them?
  • Have access to a network of people who can significantly impact your career after sport - are you taking advantage of this?
  • Are coachable and a quick learner – how does this translate into the working world?



The Adecco Group provides a stepping stone for elite athletes to become elite workers and gives companies access to world-class employees.

Discover how

Bringing athletes and companies together

Storm Uru

"By pro-actively beginning to plan for your life off the pitch, you will be in a much better position to achieve professional and personal success."

Storm received guidance and advice which led him to attend Oxford University to pursue of a Masters of Business Administration degree while still training and competing at a high level. Storm thrives in this balance working to complete his degree with the same tenacity he puts towards rowing.

Balancing life in the fast lane with the IOC Athlete Career Programme

Mechelle and Coca Cola.

"...In a huge time of uncertainty, it was a huge help to have the ACP by my side..."

In 2009, injury forced Mechelle Lewis Freeman to retire earlier than she had anticipated. Listen to her story and how the IOC Athlete Career Programme helped her get a new perspective and prepared for life after athletics.

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Mechelle Lewis Freeman


Understand your assets. Make informed decisions. Expand your network.

Career Development...

. . . We can help you discover who you are and where your interests lie. And together we can define the best career path for you. Let us show you what tools, skills, support teams and career options can put you on the road to achieving your goals.

Job Placement...

. . . There are opportunities out there for intern- or traineeships and job placement. You will receive personalised advice and guidance built on The Adecco Group's long-standing employment expertise. We will help you leverage your unique background and capabilities to successfully enter the job market.

Companies' involvement and benefit

Through the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programmes, you have access to a pool of world-class talent for intern or traineeships and full or part-time employment. With athletes on your team, you showcase the values of your organisation. By increasing diversity in the workplace, the engagement and retention of your employees will improve. Show your commitment to the development of athletes, to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements as well as to society at large.

Number of athletes enrolled so far...

Many athletes and companies have already engaged in the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programmes.



Both companies and athletes can join the programme.

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Where the Olympic, Paralympic and Corporate Worlds join forces.

Executive Leadership

IOC / The Adecco Group / IPC

Thomas Bach

Thomas Bach

President, IOC

"Combining sport with education or work has become increasingly challenging for athletes nowadays. This is where the ACP can help, by providing them with training opportunities and job placements, and thus achieving both sport and life goals."

Alain Dehaze

Alain Dehaze

Chief Executive Officer, The Adecco Group

"Sport plays a special role in our company. As the leader in HR services and solutions, we are very proud to cooperate with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committee offering our expertise and skills to elite athletes for their professional development. It is the ACP's declared mission to help them achieve life-long success."

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons

President, IPC

"The transition from competition to the workplace can be a difficult and daunting task for many. However, thanks to the co-operation with The Adecco Group it will be far easier for athletes, who have many skills ideal for the workplace, to make the move smoothly and successfully."

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Kaveh Mehrabi


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Chantal Buchser


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