Allison Jones

Virtual Recruiter and multiple Paralympic medal winner

United States

Allison Jones is a unique kind of athlete – she competes in both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. To train and pay for all the equipment she needs, Allison got a job with Adecco as a virtual recruiter, which allows her to work flexibly from home around her training schedule.

"Being able to work in a corporate environment gave me a chance to experience new things. Having the support from my colleagues gives me more connections and a better drive to do my best in the work and sports environment. I know that I bring 100% to my bike and I am going to bring 100% to the tasks I have at Adecco".

Watch the testimonials from Adecco's Pauline Gebon, and Scott Waletzke on how Allison Jones is bringing her best to the field of play and to Adecco and learn how diversity can bring innovation to your company and empower your workforce!

Scott Waletzke

Scott Waletzke

Director, Recruitment Center of Excellence, Adecco Group, North America

"The benefits to working with an elite athlete such as Allison are, having someone that is truly dedicated to their craft, motivated to win and tirelessly works to exceed goals!  In the highly competitive staffing industry, as an organization you constantly strive to have the best talent, think ahead of your competition and help your customers meet their goals.  Allison's contribution to our recruitment delivery team at Adecco helps us as an organisation, be the best we can be…for that, I am grateful to have her on the team!"