Brice Guyart

Project Manager Olympian Fencer


Many skills that athletes acquire are transferable beyond sport. Some of these skills include having a strong focus, listening to advice, and being open to ideas from the experts around them. That openness to expert opinion encouraged the Athens 2004 Olympic Games individual fencing champion Brice Guyart, from Paris, to participate in the Athlete Career Programme after retiring from his stellar, multiple-title-winning athletic career in 2012.

"The ACP came at the right time for me because I needed to choose between various options for my next career and did not want to make the wrong decision. The interviews with my ACP coach helped clarify where my skills and aspiration lay." Brice started to work for the National Railway, and was responsible for a large internet project integrating his interests in sales, communications and events. Brice values the edge the ACP can bring to an athlete who is transitioning out of competition. He said, "To fully benefit from the ACP, it is important to be engaged, active and involved. That is the key to success for a fulfilling and successful career outside elite sports."

Renaud Joubert

ACP Manager, Adecco Groupe France

"To choose between various career opportunities is not always easy. Brice Guyart was lucky and had job offers for several positions. That is why he needed to talk with a consultant to make the right decision. Where would he best fit in terms of his strengths, industry, teams, responsibilities ? Where could potential risk lie and which job was promising the best match of what he wanted to do and what the company was looking for? Brice was very well aware of his strengths but he needed a partner to get a professional opinion with regards to what would work best for him to kick-off his next successful career".