Camille Cheng

Freestyle swimming

Hong Kong

Nobody doubts that elite level sporting success requires dedication and commitment. But leading a balanced life, with wider aspirations, can be a winning formula too. Camille Cheng (born 1993) is a living proof. The athlete, born in Hong Kong to a Taiwanese father and French mother, represented Hong Kong at the Rio Olympic Games in the women's 50, 100 and 200 metre freestyle swimming, as well as the 4x100 metre medley, winning gold in four relays at the Hong Kong Open Swimming and now has her sights set on Tokyo 2020, is combining training, studies for a Masters and a role ‘activating’ the IOC Athlete Career Programme (IOC ACP) in her native Hong Kong: "Personally, I believe that balance is key whether it’s between education and sport or work and sport. I think that having both gives me the opportunity to check in and out of one or the other. Changing lanes ultimately helps me be better in all aspects of my life." Camille’s flexible working role with Adecco Hong Kong, raising awareness around the ACP among her fellow elite athletes is rewarding. Not only is she able to train and study, she feels her sporting background adds a new dimension to her team, as she explains. "It’s fascinating figuring out how to translate sporting experiences, skills and tools and apply those in my working career. But it’s also challenging to contribute to the culture of the workplace from a different perspective, angle and mentality." Camille is set to bring fresh perspectives into the working world once she retires from elite sport, drawing also on her experience studying psychology. Camille said, "I see huge potential to integrate my sporting and academic experiences in my future career, with ideas such as ‘Corporate Olympianism’ or ‘Corporate athleticism’."

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Audrey Low

Managing Director Adecco Hong Kong & Macau

"We are very pleased to have an Olympic Swimmer on board, and we are happy to see the inspiration Camille has brought us,’ said Audrey Low, Managing Director, Adecco Hong Kong & Macau, ‘Her ‘can-do’ attitude is definitely reflected in the research work and the speaking events we assigned to her. She is able to utilise her limited time at the office effectively to complete her tasks."