Christophe Varidel



The divide between the world of work and the life of an elite sportsperson can appear a huge chasm to many whilst they are striving for sporting glory, even if they combine studies with their training and competition regimen. This was the case for Christophe Varidel, an elite basketball player for Switzerland who combined his sporting exploits with studying business in the USA: "At the time, the biggest challenge for me was to visualize why I had to go to class when mentally I was putting a 100% into my sport." When sporting dreams were cut short by an injury at the age of 25, the support of the Athlete Career Programme (ACP) was vital to create ‘transitional time’: "The ACP experience, showed me not only that I was not alone with my uncertainty but that the qualities I have developed as an athlete are valued – such as teamwork, reliability and passion." Via the ACP, Christophe secured an internship with the Adecco Group, working on the Win4Youth programme, an initiative enabling Adecco colleagues, associates and clients take part in sports to improve their fitness next to raising funds to help young disadvantaged people eventually progress into the workforce: "The internship is giving me confidence that I can be effective in the labour market. I am also heavily involved in the development of young Swiss basketball players, and the Adecco Group has been very flexible with my schedule, allowing me to pursue my passion in sport and passing my experience on, despite that I am no longer an active athlete. I urge every athlete to take part in the ACP during and not just after their playing days are over – it’s a great way to increase their chances of a successful transition."

Jacqueline Maag

Global Director Win4Youth, the Adecco Group

"Working with an athlete for Win4Youth is definitely adding value as the determination and focus of a former professional helps us to achieve the goals that we’ve set for 2018."