Florin Salvisberg



Inspiration and perspiration go a long way to success in all walks of life, not least in the world of triathlon. Epitomising these characteristics is, Florin Salvisberg an under-23 European Champion in 2013, Swiss Vice-Champion in 2016 and an ambitious athlete who is still training up to 30 hours a week.

Inspired to focus on triathlon at the age of 10, when cheering on his swimming teacher in an Ironman contest, Florin’s open mind has also helped him cope with adversity and plan for the future. When injury struck in 2014/15, he fully concentrated on studying for a Bachelor degree which he finished in the fall of 2016: “It made me think about the importance of building up a future after my sports life so I had the skills for security and success for the time when I can’t do what I love the most - sport.”

Following a presentation by the Swiss Olympic team, he contacted the ACP manager of the Swiss ACP to get support in looking for an internship. The opportunity arose to join the Adecco Group in support of the global employee sports programme Win4Youth. The programme motivates employees, clients and associates to do sports together and thereby collect kilometres through a given sports which contributes to a donation to select foundations that help disadvantaged youth in different parts of the world:

“The internship provided through the ACP enabled me to have another view of my future life, it opened the door to the working world – I love it! Now that I have also solved my health problems, I really want to go for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, but at the same time I’m confident that there is a very exciting time waiting for me after my sports career.”

Jacqueline Maag

Global Director Win4Youth

“Having a professional athlete like Florin in our team was a clear added value. With his dedication and interest but also his knowledge about triathlon, we could benefit a lot. Florin has a very hands-on approach and supported the team during demanding times - at our main event just a couple of weeks into his internship and also with the launch preparation for next year’s programme. Thanks to his willingness to learn, focus and time management skills, he really showed his transferrable skills.”