Justin Govender

Wheelchair Basketball

South Africa

As an elite athlete in wheelchair basketball, competing in both - the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games - and a former All African Games gold medalist, Durban based Justin Govender (born 1978) has an appetite for constant motion. Whilst reaching these sporting heights, he juggled the demands of full-time work and intense physical training whilst competing at international events. Having retired from the sporting stage, now through the IPC Athlete Career Programme (IPC ACP) which is run by E for Exec in South Africa, his energy is unleashed in a new field, as a recruitment consultant directly hired by E for Exec, specializing in the placement of people with disabilities in companies. Justin is making a difference in a transforming world: "Companies are changing their buildings to incorporate people with disabilities and they are beginning to understand that different types of disabilities can actually be a real asset for their employees and company." It’s a rewarding role, helping people day to day but also with special high points, like organizing a wheelchair basketball game at a staff and client event for the Adecco Group’s Global Sports Inclusion Day which took place on July 18, the Intl. Nelson Mandela Day, as Justin explains: "I didn’t expect too many attendees to take part who don’t have an impairment, however, when we made an announcement inviting people to compete, everyone stood up – a true response from the human spirit." Commenting on the value of the ACP, Justin added: "If you want to find a way of using your skills that you have gained through sport and channel them into a working career, then the ACP is the opportunity for you to make a smooth transition."

"Working with athletes across Southern Africa through the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programmes in cooperation with the Adecco Group, I have been inspired and amazed at the talented individuals I have met along the way. So much that we at E for Exec decided to hire an athlete to work with us in order to expand on the recruitment of athletes and individuals with disabilities, helping businesses shift their views and realize that inclusion is more than just being a good corporate citizen but contributes to giving everyone an equal chance in the labour market."

Tracy Hardy

Managing Director E for Exec

"From my experience in hiring Justin at E for Exec - not only have we hired a driven and inspirational individual but we now have a more accepting and mindful workforce who have set aside any unconscious bias. I don’t see Justin for his disability but see him as an integral part of our team and one who is making a real difference in the lives of others."