Lukas Rüegg

Olympic Track and Road Cycling


A forward-looking mindset characterizes most elite athletes, including Swiss Road and track cyclist Lukas Rüegg (born 1996). With a 2017 National championship and 4th placing in European competition earning him entry to the Swiss Athlete Career Programme (ACP), the 2020 Games and a professional cycling contract are his driving ambitions. However, Lukas is mindful of the need and value of keeping up the pace in terms of learning and earning in his non-sporting career.

Having already completed an apprenticeship in carpentry, he harnessed the ACP to find a flexible role as a trainee in a recruitment firm, working 50% in the ‘off’ season and 30% during the competition period. Lukas has relished the ACP opportunity: "The experience helped me gain ground not only to prepare for a life after sport, but also in the way I approach my cycling. For instance, in my trainee administrative role I learnt the value of patience and persistence to get results and achieve right first time whenever possible – vital traits also for sporting success. I can also see my sporting mindset – goal orientation, focus and passion are just as relevant in the working world. Also, these working experiences are building blocks towards showing I have what it takes to eventually train to become a policeman, which is my long-term workplace career goal."

Sandro Lupatini

"Athletes like Lukas are purposeful, organized team-players and analyze performance to find better ways to achieve goals at work, just like they do everyday in their sporting lives. It was a very positive time that we experienced together."