Nina Ragettli

Freeski Halfpipe


When up the mountain, aiming high, changing direction and coping with the twists and turns are natural moves for elite level Freeski Halfpipe competitors. But translating that maneuverability from the mountains to building a mainstream career is a major challenge. This was especially so for former Free ski Halfpipe Junior World Champion Nina Ragettli from Valendas, Switzerland. After qualifying for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014, a knee injury not only crushed her Olympic chances, it ended her elite sporting career for good. Upon the Swiss Olympic Ski Federation’s suggestion that Nina should get in touch with the local ACP, she did so and her telephone call opened up new horizons to channel her potential: “The ACP Manager really takes care of each athlete, their circumstances and needs.” The ACP manager understood the difficult situation of Nina and career coached her, finding trainee positions in a local Adecco branch to give her a new perspective, re-build confidence and get her back on track to finish her certificate in Business Education. It also made her realize that she had transferable skills and above all the drive to succeed on and off the field of play. In fact, the internship led on to a new role for the local region’s sports organization in the canton of Grison where Nina is originally from: “For me it's the perfect place. I work in the office, organize events and also coach and motivate kids to get involved in a variety of sports. Looking back, all the challenges I went through with my injury made me stronger and I’m grateful for the support from Swiss Olympic and Adecco through the Athlete Career Programme”, concluded Nina.

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Thierry Jeanneret

Head of the Sports Department of the Canton of Grison

"Nina has great knowledge about the world of sports. She has a deep understanding about all the different stakeholder in sports and knows how to address all the issues brought up by our customers. She is a very sociable person and loves to meet and work with new people. In general, athletes are very experienced in dealing with stressful situations which is what I appreciate with Nina who is at ease in managing a high workload.”