Athlete Career Programme success videos

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Alastair Brogdon

My internship with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is a tremendous opportunity to help my transition into the working world. I can already see traits needed for success in sports, such as high performance teamwork, taking responsibility and leadership skills, are also key to success in the business world.

At the age of 28, Alastair Brogdon reached the pinnacle of world hockey, representing Great Britain as a striker in the 2016 Rio Games. Whilst his sporting career ended abruptly mid match in Rio, when he broke his index finger, he knew by then he was looking for a different kind of ‘break’ - ‘a break’ to transition to a marketing career..

Pursuing an Olympic Dream with Morgan Tracey

Morgan Tracey

"The best thing about working for GE through the ACP is that I can work it around my training and pursue my Olympic dream."

Morgan Tracey was looking for the ACP not only to give her the ability to put training first, but also to make sure that she was maintaining her know-how gained from the three years, she had spent in law school.

Storm Uru's Incredible Journey - From the Olympics to Oxford

Storm Uru

"By pro-actively beginning to plan for your life off the pitch, you will be in a much better position to achieve professional and personal success."

Storm received guidance and advice which led him to attend Oxford University to pursue of a Masters of Business Administration degree while still training and competing at a high level. Storm thrives in this balance working to complete his degree with the same tenacity he puts towards rowing.

Ayodele Ikuesan balances her athletic ambitions with a professional career

Ayodele Ikuesan

"French sprinter Ayodele Ikuesan like many Olympians has to balance her athletic ambitions with a professional career in the workplace."

Finding time to pursue her sporting dreams and maintaining a job requires a big commitment, but she explains how the Athlete Career Programme has allowed her to do both. Subtitles available via closed caption.

Meet and Greet in Belgium, 2014

Meet and Greet.

"How do companies meet elite athletes and potential employees and get to know their skills, traits and what drives them to become the best in the world?"

And how do athletes get in touch with companies and learn more about their transferrable skills and suitable job profiles and what it means to be part of company life? Adecco Belgium made it possible and brought together HR Directors with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to break down barriers and provide opportunities.

Alex Baumann

Alex Baumann

"Time passes quickly and before we know we face a next major competition, a next exam or deadline at work."

Alex Baumann is an example of an Olympian who found the balance between an elite sports career, education and a career in the workplace. He won silver for Switzerland in the two-man bobsled during the Sochi Olympic Winter Games and at the same time was able to balance his sporting career with demanding studies at University, an internship and now a demanding job in food sciences.

Mechelle Lewis Freeman

Michelle and Coca Cola

"...In a huge time of uncertainty, it was a huge help to have the ACP by my side..."

In 2009, injury forced Mechelle Lewis Freeman to retire earlier than she had anticipated. Listen to her story and how the IOC Athlete Career Programme helped her get a new perspective and prepared for life after athletics.