Angel Bovee

Athlete Career & Education Career Coach, Adecco Group USA

Angel knows what it is like to be an elite athlete and put it all on the line for a dream! After a successful career as a television producer, she quit her job to pursue her passion to represent the U.S. on the world’s largest stage. She became a three-time U.S. boxing champion representing Team USA in two World Championships. She went on to serve on the Board of Directors for USA Boxing for 7 years advocating for athlete rights and Olympic inclusion for female boxing.

After gaining her master’s degree in 2011, Angel joined Adecco as a career coach with the USOC’s Athlete Career and Education Program. She works with athletes providing comprehensive career counseling and placement services in support of each athlete’s occupational, educational, and personal growth goals. She also recruits new employers and foster relationships with current employers, increasing the number of career opportunities available to active and retired athletes in the U.S. Angel is married and lives with her wife and their four fur babies in Denver, CO.