Karin Rauber



Karin Rauber is the Athlete und Career Support Manager for the National Olympic Committee of Switzerland, Swiss Olympic. In this role, she is also responsible for the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme. She has been working for Swiss Olympic since March 2006 and is an honorary member since 2012 of the IOC ACP Steering Committee.

Together with her colleagues, Karin develops a needs-based and innovative general framework at all stages of education and training for Swiss junior and elite athletes. The aim of this is to facilitate a highly-advanced promotion of top-level sport, which, in the long term, guarantees success in European and World Championships, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. With individual consultations for the supported athletes in the dual career area of "competitive sport and education & training / occupation" and in the preparation of their post-sporting careers, optimum preconditions are created in terms of career planning. Furthermore, athletes in Switzerland are provided with targeted instruction on topics relating to the management of their environment.

Karin works as a lecturer and examination expert in trainer education Switzerland and acts as conference director for various events in her field.

Before Karin assumed her current position, she worked for two years as Project Manager for «cool and clean», the biggest substance abuse prevention programme in Swiss sport. Before joining Swiss Olympic, she worked, among other things, for a cantonal office of sport and for the Swiss airline.

Karin gained a sport teaching degree and a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Basel and was recently awarded a Master's Degree in Public Management.