Tonje Hinze


Tonje Hinze is the Manager of the ACP at the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports.

Tonje holds a Master’s degree in Management from Victoria University of Wellington. She wrote her Masters’ thesis about elite sport career transitions in New Zealand, and her research has been of great value in her current position within the Olympic Committee.

After her Master’s degree, Tonje worked as a Branch Manager with Adecco Norway for six years. One of her projects at Adecco was the Athlete Trainee Programme, where three elite athletes were employed in part time positions which enabled them to pursue their athletic career as well as their occupational career. A similar project is an ongoing success in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee. They have, together with Adecco Norway, developed the Elite Athletes Trainee Programme, where Norwegian elite athletes get the opportunity to work in part time positions with the various sponsors of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Tonje played soccer in the National League in Norway until 2004 and the National League in New Zealand in 2006. Tonje is married and lives with her husband and two boys, age five and seven, in Oslo.